Threshold -- one of Detroit's hottest cover bands!  Make sure
you keep an eye on our schedule -- you never know where
we'll turn up next...  Don't forget to check out our photo album
for pics of the band and our fans -- send along your pics from
a show and we'll put them up -- or tag us on Facebook!
We are but four simple men, with a simple mission of bringing
the music we love -- the music you love -- to a venue near you.
We specialize in rock and roll from the 70s thru 90s, but also
venture into the 60s as well as hitting a few from the 2000s.  
Our variety will surprise you and is sure to get you dancing!
Yeah, but who are you?
We are:
next shows:  Duffy's (Auburn Hills) TBD, Tap & Barrel (Shelby Township) TBD
Nathan Konopka -- lead vocals, keyboards
Dan New -- bass guitar, vocals
Erik Blundell -- lead guitar, vocals
Jay Pregizer -- drums/percussion, vocals

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