* about us *
Nathan Konopka
"Think of Kurt (Cobain) with a head cold"
Poster child for why you should (or shouldn't) make
your kid take piano lessons
Raised on CKLW and WNIC and 80's pop with a nice
diversion into hair metal
At age 18 said in an interview, "What do I want to be
doing 10 years from now?  Singing in a band."  Never
underestimate the importance of a 10 year plan
Erik Blundell
Multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire
His feelings toward happy, poppy music approximate
Jay's feelings toward Alice in Chains
Can play all of our songs note for note with his eyes
closed -- and often does
Has been violating his blood oath with Eddie to play
"Eruption" whenever possible
Dan New
Takes all the abuse you would expect of a bass
player and more
Is a retired elementary school teacher and yet
somehow has no grey hair
Poster child for why you should (or shouldn't) send
your kid to Catholic schools
Insists on turning his amp volume to 11
Jay Pregizer
Just ask him about his cymbal case built with alien
Will gladly serenade you with some Neil Diamond
Would rather jam exacto blades under his toenails
than play Alice in Chains
His infatuation with happy, poppy music rivals
Nathan's, only three decades earlier
next shows:  Duffy's (Auburn Hills) TBD, Tap & Barrel (Shelby Township) TBD